Wednesday, April 02, 2008

You're loved, you're HOT, you guys are top dogs from the block."

I've been busy, slaving my ass trying to make more dough so it can pay off bills, food, bras, shoes and boozes.
that one of the reason why I didn't online as often as before because of tipsy after too many glass, I don't feeling smart enough to get online coz often typo and talk non-sense. and afraid I'll flashing my boobs on web cam. and worn-out after been abused badly at work.
Work got really busy these days, business running really great. it's not a difficult things to hit the target off. Costumer everywhere.. soo many costumer it's sooooo scary!!

So am in the new branches, we started from ZERO!! no one give a damn. it's a challenge. What these kids know about " business". but things change fast. it's tough people have to learn quick and fast. I like my salary has increased twice this year, bonus and stuffs. " You're loved, you're HOT, you guys are top dogs from the block."
beside I've make a good friendships with a bunch of " pro-alcoholic " at work.
It's almost always crazy-happy-hour 2 hours drinking. I'll like to forget what should forget and remember what is good by rushing down to the pub for a celebration of Thank God the shitty-day gone, it's over!!!
Beer in Carniege's is cheap and taste good.
8pm left the drama in the pub, go home, have shower, have some sleep or if possible have some sex or masturbate, wake up in the morning, shower then go to work, feel free abuse me again..

Every morning started at 9am till 5:30pm like the telephone won't stop ringing after one of another. welsome to 8 hours telephone abusing!!!
remembered a movie called The Ring? The telephone ring in the movie just annoying coz when the girl pick up the phone no one on the other line. calling someone but doesn't want to say a word is totally childish, super stupid!!

And telephone at work, we mean business and there's always someone * dearie precious costumer * rushing for money talks. I mean more incoming calls meaning more business opportunities, I trully understanding and happy for a money chat but somehow I could just make myself jumping off the building when all the lines blinking and beeping. that's gets me, that's really gets on me!!
Think I'll go eat worms one day of these tough days !!

Man...what if I have 3 pair of ears?? More ears - more to love. and more 3 mouth would not hurts though. and yet when it's come to the worse situation when all the girls get bossy, feel itchy, acted bitchy ..about everything and anything, e.g hairs, big cock, shoes, diet coke, celebs gossip,goal, yoga, loan target,rumour, fruits, cock, sales..etc..etc..etc

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