Thursday, April 03, 2008

I've been smacked, squeezed, slapped, spanked, raped..

Another busy day at work. It's feel like I've been smacked, squeezed, slapped, spanked, raped.. like dead and numb.
I think things will keep this busy until another girl return from Philippines next week. Too busy folks hardly to get off of their telephone and computer.
Lack of man power, work is over loaded!! It's a challenge, it's a challenge I tell myself it's a challenge.
well, let be in optimist, see the bright side, ass up head down keep working on... keep working..

Think how amazing that I didn't choke myself death while doing talking, typing at the same time eating. this is what my mother told me about " multi tasking ". I bet she should be proud of me now.
lunch nowadays usually done in front of computer chewing, munching, swallowing foods and all done in less than 15 minutes and the telephone keep roaring. Pick up the phone Bitch!! I think I am going to deaf soon.
It's sooo horrible like everybody go nuts in the challenge and chaos, but after two weeks been in such horrible situation it's more like being abused than being challenged:(
After 8 hours slaving in the office, can see all asses sweating and hear livers screaming " OH MY GOD!!

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