Friday, April 04, 2008

Stilnox, Thai massuer and I

The sleeping pills name is Stilnox Zolpidem 10mg. it's great to put you sleep like corpse but the truth side effect is trully scary.. people commit to sleepwalking, sleeptalking, sleep driving, sleep-fucking..

It was me talking to one of my office mate about I've been in trouble putting myself sleep lately. perhaps because stress-out from work and stuffs. at the first she suggested that I should try massage after work, then hands me 2 tablet of sleeping pills of hers, believe could help the insomnia problem, told me that I should have to break in two and only take half of it.
I was like " sound like a strong shit"
She said: " Yeeeaah... DO NOT TAKE THE WHOLE PILL!"
I didn't pay much attention about the pills though, what I wanted is getting the work done as fast as possible, I got a bit cranky, am such pain in the ass. behaving wasn't good! :(
after work a group of us rushing off to Thai massage centre in Wan chai. I can tell my tired muscles screaming for pleasures as soon as the massuer's hands working on my naked body, HKD188 for one hour a really serious thai massage plus essential oil. That was the best one hour of my day!!
I turn to the massuer and ask what her name is. her name is Anoi.she has done a great job. After that everybody heading home, no one interesting in boozing tonight.
Feel a little bit akward at home, got everything done and ready in bed but seemed like there's something bothering-tangling in my head.
I was like " damn.. you crazy restless bitch can't just shut off for awhile..damned"
I was reading The suicide girl in my was 12am something and I took half of that sleeping pill. massaged done, pill done, am I suppose to sleep quiet tonight??

It just took less than 5 minutes when the weird feeling kicking in my nerves, everything sooo blurr,head spinning. I was still holding my book but I see nothing only blurr and black, sort of blackout for a second, I remembered mumbling unconsciously " Shit... kidding me " then fell asleep like dead with the light on, glasses on.
Although the feeling when waking up in the morning..was totaly GREATand FRESH!!! but something spooky about the pills scared me like hell..

Should I feel really curious and went online for whatever infomartion I could get. I found the truth it's really scared the hell out of me.
Now I know why this girl behaving crazy... There's so many times she repeatdly call to my cell phone in the middle of nights talk non-senses and hung up I told her that I was asleep and will call in again until I told her to fuck the hell off and switch my cell off .
the weird is she have no memories about that she'd calls. how insane she drive me that I assume she need help but I can't get abgry though as she is one of my close mate. (she wasn't a friend before, she was kind of pain in the ass, the bitch that I'll slap or yank her hair off kind. but I'll have to be patient enough coz she changed and behaving well every then and now)

and once during a sleepover night she just dissappear in the middle of night. and the next morning she has no idea what was happen, I wonder how heck she managed to get her home.
worse is she has been in this pills for years..and downing them with beers
what kind of life is that?

I told her to put all of her pills in the trash bin for good or she will never have to worry being late at work any more, coz by that time she could be already dead.
She was: " ha ha ha.. have to buy me LV coffin then ha ha ha !!" she laugh like mad for that which lead me laugh a loud too*sigh* obviously we have weird sense of humour in common..

and according to her live in bf, this girl not only commit walking-talking-fucking while apparently asleep. she also a big fan of binge eating from the fridge while asleep. And since she have no car so there's no possible for her to commit sleep-driving!!

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