Saturday, July 12, 2008

Over hundred houses caught fire

Friday afternoon, Over hundred houses and stores caught in fire in Tambora, Jakarta west, Indonesia. Included my parent's house. Everything gone!
The fire was started in Food street area. it was 20 block away like 20 mins walks.
I can't imagine my old mom in such situation, It was only mom was left at home with Ani's dog ( Siau chen ). Sisters are still at work. While dad was in the airport as Muri and Ben and baby Abby catch their flight back in HK in the afternoon. Everything was fine when Muri called home just before take off, mom was happy on the line it was 4pm in the afternoon.

Mom was carrying Siau chen running all around the house while repeatdly dialing all the telephone number she know, hopefully that someone coming home to help her packing up. unfortunatelly she got no one... and the fire were soo close to our house, Ana ( Ani's twins ) she shocked of the news from her co-worker, she rushing home from her office only to able to packing up family's docs and ashes pot of Siau pai then rushing mom to the safe spot.
The fire left my parents and sisters no clothes for change, no place to sleep in, my mom shocked and have to consult with her doctor.
Still lucky that my bro's house and his convection area didn't caught in.
All of them are staying at Bro's for a moment.

Another frustrating moment has just begun......... There's so many unpleasent things happened lately, I can feel my head spinning in ache!!!!

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