Thursday, July 03, 2008

Ha ha haaa....

Damn man.. I found hundred thousand weird off-line massage in my YM this evening.. I should smell something about chat machine or something similiar like that.
So I give it a try and the conversation going like below:

waldomontoya27: Can u talk gktbz

ivy: Talk what?

waldomontoya27: ftyxkHey c_bbivy, how r u?xxqmv

ivy: What?

waldomontoya27: edwmmdo u remember me?ysxncnhmxb
ivy: Nope

waldomontoya27: fesjxit's, Ariel!tbkyvrmsgc
ivy: We fuck before?

waldomontoya27: neinzhey U lookin' for a date sometime this week?ggzchwe can meet somewhere close by xzvajutmcy
ivy: Oh sure!! Would really love though.

waldomontoya27: qbnsfhere is my pic http://www.%61d%75%6c%74h%6f%6f%6b%2dups%2e%6eet do u think i'm cute? makodmjafu peaqg
ivy: I think you are cute as fuck!!!

waldomontoya27: cpiiqcheck out my profile 4 my contact info http://www.%68oo%6b%2dup%73%2d%72%2d%75s%2e%63om nrlehpzlhk xxajo
ivy: Can you fuck?

waldomontoya27: hjdlkhere is my pic http://www.%68%6fo%6b%2d%75p%73-%72-us.%63%6f%6d do u think i'm cute? lsfplawbfw bptkm
ivy: Fuyck me?

waldomontoya27: gcbggcheck out my profile 4 my contact info http://www.hoo%6b%2du%70%73%2d%72%2du%73.%63o%6d veirohugvk nbhzs

waldomontoya27: kwfnccheck out my profile 4 my contact info http://www.%61%64%75%6c%74%68ook-%75p%73.n%65%74 dtculcicbw vwzsk
ivy: Let's fuck

waldomontoya27: ckptxtake a look @ my profile http://www.a%64%75%6c%74%68oo%6b-%75%70s.n%65%74 mnqurpicei uxbyy
ivy: Ha aha ha ha hahaa................. now you scared huh??!! ha ah ahaaaa

waldomontoya27: vbtuuhere is my pic http://www.%61du%6c%74%68o%6fk-%75p%73%2e%6e%65t do u think i'm cute? mmgibgqwbj subgz
ivy: You live in HK?

waldomontoya27: cbhwccheck out my profile 4 my contact info http://www.%68o%6f%6b%2d%75p%73-r%2d%75s%2e%63om xddhapnkus bxuax
ivy: Big cock?

waldomontoya27: xqrcltake a look @ my profile http://www.%68oo%6b-%75%70%73%2d%72-u%73.%63%6fm jmibfgejut mxakw
ivy: No big cock???

waldomontoya27: xasdwtake a look @ my profile http://www.%68ook%2dup%73-r%2d%75%73%2e%63%6f%6d kmqrslquas bwleo
ivy: Size doesn't matter for me... I'm flexible, loves all size and type!

waldomontoya27: hrnnchere is my pic http://www.%68%6f%6f%6b%2dups%2d%72%2du%73.%63om do u think i'm cute? ownwbxtdxt jjlkf
ivy: Ha ha ah haaa.............. I feel sooooooooooo HAPPY !!! Very entertaining :D


Anonymous said...

ha Bee, you are too funny. Is that how our conversations went?

@bee said...

Better than nothing..

Anonymous said...

And, ah, you do realise you were talking to a script which is trying to get you to go to a website which will infect your browser with a virus ...