Friday, May 23, 2008

I'm blessed and loved ^_^

Im woke up and feel loved up..8:30am It was my mom called from Jakarta ( I was born at 8:30am that time 31 years ago in west borneo ) She greet me happy birthday and said dad was out praying in the temple, a tradiotional Taost pray for the birthday girl. ME :D
And my other siblings screaming over the phone" Hey bitch, we love you and wish you a new husband soon!!!"
Got lots of people remember my big day, friends calling, texting , IMing.

Steven called: " Happy bday mommy, now you're 31 but you looked like 21 and I love you"
I now 31 years old and I'm super blessed.
* I'm blessed as Steven's mother, my baby son going to be 13 next friday.

* I'm blessed as I was once married to Steven's dad, we have a good boy.
* I'm blessed as a daughter of mom and dad, they had work their best to grow with five of little demon that always hungry.
* I'm blessed as I have amazing siblings and their spouses. Relationship with Big bro, and three little sister has never changed since we were a little shits.

*I'm blessed to have my 1st niece.. now I know how my siblings feel for my kid.
* I'm bleseed that I have met lots of cool people that I've made friendship with.
* I'm blessed that I've met a bunch of nice guys that I've made loves with :p

Closed eyes make a wish: " I wish that I could grow old sweet.."

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