Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Loves Siau pai

Got a call from my sis, said that Siau pai ( our familiy dog in Jakarta ) is dead this morning in the animal hospital. it was started that she lost her appetite few days ago, then yesterday has got a fever and black-out !!! my mom and sis rushed to the hospital and as the paramedic there urge them to leave her to stay over night as she was in comatose condition.

the heart-breaking moment was when the next morning , mom found its was laying unconciously in the cage with all the vomit every where.. already gone. mom was crying as she wasn't agreed to leave her stay in that hospital that night.
look what good those people has done? they don't even care to clean the little patient, what they got in the mind is " it is a dog "
How could they?? how dare ??
If only they willing to understand that " Siau pai " is in our family member. She is loved.. we bought back her favorite stuffs from trips. sleep in our bed, wear clothes when cold, never smell bad, brushing teeth every night.
It was back to 7 years ago, Siau pai was a puppy, abandoned on the street. my youngest sister has begging my mom on her knees to let that poor puppy stay with us, mom wasn't easy person to deal with , and amazing Siau pai got mom's attention quickly and every since live happily with another puppy Siau chen, the loves of the family..
I wish I could going home to see her for the last time, but am in all tears recalls my life in Jakarta, there are 2 lovely dogs give me company through my boring days.
When mom wasn't around, while dad out from sight, while my other siblings and friends have to taking care their own business.. I've got the dogs company.
It's always a great laughs while Siau pai rushed to the loo. and will never get out from the washroom until she got her butt washed.
She was famous in our neighbourhood. you could just ask" Do you know where Siau pai house is?"
But now.. they all know she was gone... the only thing has left is her loveliness and her ashes.
Dear Jutek dog, You'll always loved.... !!! Wishing Siau pai playing happily in the dog heaven....

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