Saturday, April 19, 2008

Am I a good kisser???

I am ................ the super kisser

You love kissing so much, I'm surprised you've managed to pry your lips away from your partner's mouth long enough to do this quiz. Or that he even let you! You're a brilliant kisser, and, quite frankly, you deserve to be! Not only did you practice a lot as a teen, but you're willing to experiment and have worked hard on making kissing one of your signature sex moves. Congratulations!

You know that the key to the sensation of a hickey without the mark is simply to take a fold of flesh between your teeth and use your lips and mouth to create slight suction. (It's the rhythmic sucking which leaves the mark.) You also use kissing to control the mood of love-making. Pretending your tongue is a second penetration, you can speed things up or slow them down purely through thrusting slower or faster with your tongue.

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