Thursday, June 09, 2011

It's amazing what a 2years old capable to do with the computer gadget nowadays..

She saw you how you did it, she observe for couple of times how does it work.. she figure it out by herself couple time more when you're not around and oneday she show you how she operate your laptop..

Here are some list that my daughter able to do........ with no sweat at all..

1. Switch on the laptop by herself. ( she figure out by hersself )

2. Starting Internet Explore.

3. Go to

4. Choose the video she already familiar or go to playlist or clicking something that look like approriate for her age ( she just knew it )

5. Click " remind me later " for those software updating reminder.

6. Click " 60 minutes " then click " postphone " for AVG Free Virus software error reminder. its keep pooping out every 10 minutes asked to be restart.. ( I never teach her how to do this )

7. Use Skype chat with her father

8. Type " papa "

9. Use Skype Video call

10. Close the chat window and running the web cam......father watching and listening ( and I don't even got the idea, gotta be vigilant about this )

11. End the call if she spotted an interesting video on youtube or got annoyed by her faher's nonsense-boring conversation..

12. Paranoidly make video calls if father didn't answer.........

13. Familiar some keyboard shortcut to control the volume, esc, back to about tab, closing the windows..
14. Play computer games..

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