Friday, June 10, 2011

Officially no diapers..

Oh well......... Ally has ditch her diaper for good eventually!! That's mean more trip to bathroom mama and if you want to know what it is feel like going out with no diaper on..???
I would like to present this as mad as when you're on those period day but you forgot to put on napkin or tampon.........totally insecure and having your 2 years old keep telling you that she is about to pee in her panty and the bus driver actaully listening to you and your 2 years conversation even added more pressures........ and your 2 years old remind you again and say:" Oooh.. ohh God wee wee come....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well it is a bumpy road.. Man things could not worse than ever........ After all, Ally is helping mama to save diapers money, we are tight honey and ooh.. saving the planet too :))

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