Thursday, April 21, 2005

how does it feel?

"well,how does it feel when no money, no food and no panties?!!!...for the 1st question it's felt like a's felt like been in the hell..and whenever I went to road the devil always teasing me to shopping !! the 2nd felt great...lost few pounds since last week, felt really great for the 2nd!! get slim now..and the 3rd felt soo..FREE..but felt horny at not purposed to forgot my panties..the fact is I haven't time to pick up my laundry since I was very lazy recently i don't even want wash it by myself and the maid who used to be help was back to indonesia there's many household chores I have to do..and the terrible is I have to meet up my friends when off really running out does it felt? SUCKEE..lor..

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