Wednesday, April 20, 2005

YO! da bee pissed off again laa...

oh my gosh..Im woke up very late today, it's about 11am..and the person who woke me up is..teng teng..teng The Shark..uh-uh, he called me 11 times since 10am this morning..and I missed all the calls coz I used turn off the ring once I can't slept at nite!! im about insomnia again recently...almost no slept last nite, when I had one galss strong version orange vodka { im the one make it } I just planning had a very good sleep but what the hell then, I just tumble on the bed from rite to left side and so and so.. and Fuck there's sunrise! shit Im still awake...though I need some sleeping pills sooner..gonna ask my doctor soon!! my mobile phone received 15 missed call since many ppls wanna talk to me..he he heeee..Im a good adviser even though many times I just tell bull shit..he he heee..but my advice really work wor..aiaa yayaya..the shark hasn't angry wor..when I answer the call his voice sound nice and warm wor..hehehheee..I don't wanna believe la..then I tried to teasing his anger tension la...but he replied me as gentle as a very gentleman from london..hihihiii..he said:" wakey wakey ivy! don't worried or afraid I won't bite you ga..just get ready by now and stand by in office on 1pm ok? gimme a call whenever you not able...OMG!WTF? what drove this craziness na? why his shark behaviour ain't show up today? he just like a lovely dolphin..soo cute..hihihiiiii..I know he's on his words when I reached office and he treat me like a lady....he didn't mention why over slept, why fucking late..he ask me" have you take your lunch?! I replied: " yes sir, had some fruits at home,thank Q!! and he stay at his aquarium as well and let me done my task as well and let me report my task as well...everyhing done as well......everything going well except my body weight....I was pissed off again when grab my summer clothes that leavings from last year...I can't fit my lovely body into the lovely shirt,the top, the one piece skirt..hiikks...even the t shirt and I just ask my colleagues comments:" am look chubby today? they said: " yes!!!!!! oh fuck you I started my diet's like been live in the hell...O h oh oh..oh

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