Thursday, June 23, 2005

22 of june 2005 the lost

Yikess!! HK weather was so shit there's a week of the Dogs Rain, it has keeping dropping their big shit, there trafic jam, umbrella jam and many shit trouble! there's a ladies nite in wanchai but ppls seemed dont want to get shit so there's wasn't a crowd wednesday nite..oh suck! the heartless grils dont want to get shit too so they're dumped me..!it doesn't bother at all, I got my company in LKF uhhm..a guy wanted to say thank's to me buy me drink for a small favour i done, the favour ain't a big deal but the stella really a damn great beer for company when hang out! we're chatted around the hottest gossip..{ my hobby is telling gossip and Im used to over proud of my mouth and the tounge} but Im on self training, I have to bite my tounge badly { it's tell too many bull shit, lies}I had a lots LOL but I didn't tell any lies that nite { I tried to keep my tounge cool jahmah}..lucky of me I got not one guy but GUYS, err..I means the male friend and his gangs!! we're kicked our ass in c club..auuch babe! oh babe it was a Beyonce..n milk shake by kelly..bla bla..not really aware what Im doing { after the strong version long island iced tea } though I'd dancing, teasing around then..{ censor}
sometimes the things was going out far from my head, the moment was completely far away from what i though, I've never expect what event should happen and what must be the ending, if there a start and then what would be the end? no body knows isn't? everybody must be drunk after the alcohol then mumbling nonesense in a chaos so am I and the others do I have to take the words seriously and curiously at once? I just felt like get on my old friendships and once again the connection seemed work better now!! happy friendship take life easy, life more happy so when I tough enough would like to see you again in bali ivy dabee bar..kisses

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