Wednesday, June 22, 2005

the return of the dog card

" whoaa..guess what I've got on my desk?!, a stuff just stick on my PC! Oh post card. dog shape post card with a lovely bulldog pic on, he's look so cute { I bet he must be a male dog } and damn sexy too!! { I mean the sender greerr }. " Aha, it was posted on 26th of march 2005 from london, Yupiee..finally I got it!!{ it's supprised}.neither me nor Jon{ the sender} expect this card still alive and could arrived safely in HK and received as well by the receiver "Ms. Ivy The Destroyer Chow" huh! remember on March, Jon got Blow job to Brussel { Blow=Trip=flight} then he will drop in london for his friends and his lovely mom!! he felt guilty for the sin that he done so he going to get me around by posted me up { hey! you remember what sin is that?} and he knew that Im into pornography so my expectation is "an naked things". so the rest of the days I just excited to get the post card in office! days after days, weeks after weeks and Jon are back in HK for Lunch he set his ass as well on the chair front of me!! and brough me an easter egg { chocolate}
me: " No Card Yet!
Jon: "Oh??
me and Jon: " talk" bla..bla#@##X.. giggle, giggle..bla bla LOL! eating and talk and blaa..blaa..
so..weeks gone then months after months Im still mention the card and keep bugging my colleagues " does anyone notice an post card address to Ivy The NoPE..NIL No!! Jon stucked by the blow job's..bouncing Chicago, Texas..bla bla Mexico etc..etc!! he was in Philiphines{bday party with 20 gweilo} when I got the lost card,I'd texted him, mail even left voice mail.. Im trully absolutely clear that he completely out of contact..I don't mind yet don't care..Yeah..he got me once reach HK and kick me up by a call.." woof..his voice not mellow enough! IC drink too much..drunk for a week got serious hangover!! talk later! problaby tonite!!
10pm ..evening
Jon: good evening Ms.Chow!
Me: good evening Mr.Jon!
Me and Jon: talk..the card xyz@#LOL! gossip!giggle,,,Xy## LOL bullshit.bla bla..Then Good nite..

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