Tuesday, June 21, 2005

shut your door up!

last nite,I was asleep, sleep as " bats in the belfry" mode! though it's about 1am middle of nite!! uhm..but wait.." what the..hell is that?! " Fuck you! " I felt my body jerking off from bed then jiffy out ..I took a bunch of unused magazines on my hand jerky on front of flat mate room { he's name Simon}! the door was bump out fucking noisy sound Bum!! Bum!!..Im kneel down and wondering { what the hell going on inside there? what was happened with his ear? does it was clogged by aplenty of shit so it completely damage his hearing } I gonna put those magazines between the door huh no more "bum!! Bum!! the door was jammed..soo..he's notice and get to the door look what Im doing there..Im got down on knee and look at that bluurr face { dropp off contact lens }

me: " hey!! I just bring you some magazines, you might needed them to help to keep the door quiet!!
simon: ??.. oh sorry!!
me: doesn't bother isn't?err..good nite!
huh..I just want to get back to have a very good sleep,took off all the stuffs and snuggle to the blanket..2:am, 3:am,..and on and so..after hours, I can't sleep..therefore I wanted to fuck him once again..ggreeer..everyone have to work in early morning but he doesn't working as normaly { he give company for those aunties in the dancing club } { I knew many gossip } next time once anothers mate get back..he could be in trouble again,, coz that baldheaded guy [ i don't know his name } will shout to him badly....

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