Monday, June 20, 2005

today hot pick: rant' s cookery

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Cooking? uhmm.. haven't cook myself in ages, remember the last date I've been asked cooking in our company costumer house { the new arrived maid no idea how to cooking } it should be 3 or 4 months ago.. since that date I've never bother to cook, even hard boil egg or cup noddle { just pour boil water & serve } I have to save my energy, cookery and increase cooking knowledge for kinda customer's as company thought that I have a classy cookery manner so cooking today such like an task now and must done in a profesional behavior and it's gets some pressure for sure and at this moment I have no interesting at all err..I dont mind to cook I just dont want to be a honest, Im not sure if Im start to cook today and the food are safe enough for consume!! better get on with somethings by restaurants..anyhow, I'll try my best to cook for my boyfriend..if I get one I started to get more cooking information as I used to get with Mr. Gordon..though he's great..Although the sewer mouth smell soo..

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