Sunday, June 19, 2005

the big O

today topic is " orgasm " er.. be honest mention about the big O much of girls { may be few guys} out there are still takes by a red-faced with the emabrrassed atmosphere am I and the girlfriends when we gone this topic eventually. Although Im not a silly girl who is no idea about the O, in fact I have no problem about it..girls are wonder how, how, come it come easy ..and why, why, why!! sometimes it's difficult to get u/stand the big O err may be are become to be mission { immposible } for them..and their pie..I told them may be the easy going personality..uhmm..they migh gets envy, jealous ..bla fact I just felt ok and normal with that,, nothing special..ah..the normal things become to be abnormal situation recently..huh..seemed my system out of control now..just past month I felt so weird..about the big O came when Im on the bus..gets depressed heading to office after training course with buch of task and homework have to do once reach office..I just wave off as soon as off from bus err.. felt so funny yet a bit excited..ha ha ha..I don't think to laugh out past two weeks..though my body completely out of control..that big O came to bug me while chatting with the girls about the heart broker..{ our exes.}..means we're about upset} blue checks are turned to red so I just said" aiiyoo.. the weather really hot ah..HK weather really sucks ah..!! damn!! up to now the big O came frequently on the strange times and place soo..when Im reading newspapaer waiting for my sister off from work,while im asleep, typing report in the office..aiiyoo...I just wish things going normal soon there anyway to solve my problem?...diem suen nah..?

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