Sunday, October 22, 2006

Kitty- Fight is ugly but I'll never lives on it if I ain't fight back

21-Oct-06 and girlfriends are having a Lychee Martini in a club in Lan Kwai Fong. one of my favorite bar thought.

9pm...a girlfriend had order a Margarita for me.. while I am sipping my drink and chat to the girls. a guy ran into me.. supprisingly Mr.Germany guy, he saw me and drop by to say Hi.. I laugh, nodded and give him a warmest friendship hug anyway..

10pm... a girl buy me the second Margarita!! it's only two of us, when the other girls off to another bar, two of us decided to staying there for awhile, thought girls still have a lot of girlie- shitty talks to share, the two of us are sooo excited-passionate moaning about almost everything that annoyed the heck out of us.. following by nonstop cursing and laughing the shitty moment that has had pissed us off ..

11pm... it's time to be home.. as we had planning to get up in the morning then join a afternoon BBQ in Shek O beach. however the situation/ music and mood made the two of us staying there for the another drink and dance.. I am decided to stick on Orange juice while she had water.. for the rest of the night..

12am... we made a friend with two of Filipino girls. they are pretty cute and such a sexy dancer thought. as I always told.. I used to be into the girls who is dancing in a sexy way.. and I rarely hit the guys... I prefer hang with the girls.. I know this sound weirds.. but I've always feeling the guys in the club just a bunch of meatstick that made me sick.. but not all the guys like this.. some of them are smart enough holding to their cool and respects themeselves.

12:3oam.. a asian woman suddenly ran over and powerfully shoving a girlfriend of mine on her shoulder.. the things is starting ugly as my girlfriend ran over the woman and demanding what the hell about the shove.. but the woman only shrugged her shoulder and said" sooo?? I only want to play!!" and walk away.. in a sbobbish - bullier way !!

It just spoiled the mood, as I just trying to make a friend to calm down and cheers her up.. I done my job, she continue the dance but I can tell that she is clearly upset.. and I feel terrible for her , she is a good temper person, I never see her angry/upsetting/bitchy..but this time.. I can tell that the shove had hurt her..not her shoulder hurts.. but definitely her EGO hurts!!

1:00 am... the asian woman still trying to pick up a fight.. and it's drive me insane, I can see she watching over and smirk and nasty smirk.. a sign for a nasty drama, obviously plain of nasty!
I was holding my orange juice while dancing as I am whispering to the girls that I am going purposely pouring the half of my drink onto the woman jeans.. and.. Oh job done very well... !! the woman and her friend was like " Ohh what the fuck happen !!" ha ha ha.. it's pretty crowed and noisy.. there's no one notice what I did..unless the girls.]

next second asian woman was rushing into washroom. I stare at her and giggling when she back.. by that moment she know who has screwed her shoes and jeans.. but who cares??!!
it such amusing watching asian woman face sulked in a ugly wrinkels.. and oh for the information she was with a guy.. and still none of us know what the fuck going on with the woman about the shoving .. but.. the story not over yet...I think woman's guy has had staring the filipino girls or the filipino gilrs has flirting asian woman's guy.. but absolutely neither of me or my girlfriend.. he is just not her type and I am not into guys in the matter what!!

1:30am..I order the second orange juice and was holding it while dancing happily with my girlfriend and the two of filipino was fun for me but the situation and mood wasn't as relax as before.. it's something fishy on the air.. as I know I am not going to be in control over my behaviour.
if you start a mess with me.. you'll get the mess as well you ask it..!!
what make me chi seen is that asian woman repeatdly annoying our group.. her behaviour totaly bitchy, that's made me completely lose my senses.. I am go totally mad.. fucking insane..
Like heck.. I am walk through her..and pouring my drink from her head to her back.. and apoloise as well.. OOpsss Sorry!!!
asian woman ran over right behind her guy standing quite closely..
I smile and respond as NO.. I didn't!! about pouring the drink!!
the next she came closely and yelling at my face.. as I yelling back and pulling her hair close to me.. and her guy trying to put his hand on me, but there's no fucking way that he could touch me.. there were a bunch of guys holding his fucking dickhead, he got frozen and a manager was standing in front of me, was like trying to protecting, I've my hand off from that long hairy bitch as the bouncer pulling her away and she keep yelling at me about not a boyfriend.. but a husband as I've shout back " what the fucking fuck with your fucking boyfriend asshole husband!!"
I can't remembered much what made me such a mad as I throwing the rest of the orange juice with the glass all over her and hit on her fucking cheeckbone..while yelling " You Fucking ugly bitch.. you starting this fucking shit..!!" Got it??"
at the same time.. I can feels a heck pain on my neck and it's clearly bleed at it.. not a bloody bleeding condition, that bitch have her nails scraching on my neck..leave it wound, it's burn !! she keep shouting as I ending up with me grabbing another coktail glass, slamming it till broke going to address on her fucking face again..
but.. misson failled.. as the manager.. lift me up and from the bar through the restaurant and drop me off on the door way..

I keep screaming begging hopelessly and bite his soo upset.
I beg him to hand my handbag I left in the bar, it soo sad that I have to call the police but the manager back into the bar and inform the bitch and asshole to leave the bar because I am calling the policeman and will be there within 10 minutes and they are will be in trouble, he told them to leave when he get back in the bar to get my hamdbag... He let them sneak out.. and he told me they are gone, there's no use to call police while handed my bag.. but I reach out my mobile and dialling 999 anyway!!

The police came and do all the investgation but actually found nothing.. and there's only one persom that had the damn idea where the fuck they gone!!
the Manager.. he was sitting front of the door.. showing with the sympathy.
I couldn't hold my tears anymore when I confornt him with injuries on my neck, I told I wasn't a trouble maker since I was his costumer for two years, I told him do he notice me and my friends are just have a quiet chat for 4 hours since at 8 evening.
I couldn't be bother to tell him how devastating upsetting it feels like, he could easily lift up a hopeless woman and kick her out on the door just because she was only company with a female friend. does he still will do the same with the woman if she was company with her white man??" and I am not drunk as I am clear while giving a statement to the police, I have my HKID card and can tell the number, I remembered clearly where the fuck do I live.. what kind of coktail I ahd and how many glass downing in my stomach.. No drunk!! I am wasn't what he think and judge.. and let the bullier vanish from the air is his idea!!
He couldn't give any statement.. only say bullshitting and feel sorry for what happen with my neck!! fucking full of bullshit!!

I couldn't wink my eyes.. I couldn't stop my eye tearing.. I couldn't care crowded listening and watching.. it is shame?? I couldn't be bother anymore..
but still I talk to him in a polite manner and called him as " Sir" as I used and always!!
but I think this the last time I'll ever respect this person.. not because he kick me out.. just because he let the bullier ran off!!

I just want he do understand doesn't mean he is man who is have a huge power that able lift up anything heavy and throwing them out from window..Gosh.. I am just a woman, who weight 53kgs and heigh 5"2.
I can't fight the male power, if you know how exhausted I was, totally worn-out after three glasses coktail and heavy dance!!

2:30am get on the ambulance way to the hospital.
Doctor had exam the wound and cleanses them with the antiseptic as well..also inject me with a Anti- Tetanus Vaccination..I had the first injection and there's still two injection to go..
and ooh.. there's also some folks that injuries during the night out.. like one guy had fight and injuries his arm.. and one woman sprain her leg.!!
still me and friend could tell joke about the kitty-fight!!

" Gosh, I paid for HKD $ 100 for 2 glasses of orange juice and I wasn't even drink for half of them.. but pouring them into the same ugly cunt..does really FUN !!"

but why do that asian cunt lashing us.. we do really had no idea.. but why I fight back.. the first is I will never let anyone pulling me shit, not even the fucking God, yeah..this is crazy I know !! since I was a kid, I've been known as a mentalilness kid, and if there's a person I loves get hurts here is I'll give whoever has made my loves upset a lesson.. for this matter I know what I am doing and she knows what was that.. it's silly that she did cried like a baby!!

4:20am.. finnaly sleeping in the bed in .. not mine!!

11am.... waking up.. sleep pretty good..had a bad dream about the bartender told me, that everyone in the bar view me as a negative person..
Ughh.. what I usually.. I hardly remembered when I have dream.. and it's funny I could remembered it's clear this time!!

however.. the kitty-fight last night didn't put me off for the further statement in the police station.. I have to do something...

Have a appoitment to the police station later at 2pm.. to give the full statement and I am not going to close the case anyway.. and I am not alone.. a friend true always will be there for a true friend no mather what!!

My thoughts:
the moment I've been forced to leave the bar by a powerful male was made me feel like I've been raped, they caught me, locked me in their arms, lift me up and put me off on the door, it's more likely feeling of devastated than embarrassed!!
they not even give a damn care.. while I am begging them to let me walk myself.

they don't even give a damn care.. while I am begging them to let me walk myself to the door!! what the fuck they think that I would and could do!! and the fight it is between two person.. it is fair enough only one person been force to get the fuck out from the fight area??!!!
I wonder if I was with a guy and the asian woman weren't with her guy!! who will get their ass kicking off??!!!

I am powerless because I am a woman and with no my man company!! I can't fight because I don't know how to fight.. and if there's the thing that I'll envy for being a male.. is their force - power!!

the ability to lift up an heavy stuff.. but there's a weakness that I don't buy about a male.. somehow they're judge too much and fuck too fast usually in the cocky way!!

I think this experience made me real in the order to take my kick boxing class or thai kick boxing might do even better !!

oh.. maybe kung fu more suitable!! Chinese kung fu!!
Seriously.. I think I'll give up the vacation for learn a kung fu matter!!
sadly.. I didn't give a damn care about learning martial kung fu.. as my dad teaching a kung fu back to 15 years ago!! and ooh.. my granddad also do the same thing!! Yoo..yo yo!!


Mr. Charming said...

Good god Bee, I hope you are OK.

@bee said...

Thank's!!! I am okay!!!OOOOoooooo