Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Ham Sup Guy!!

10am.. Time to work folks!!

I was climbing to the upper desk of the double deckker bus heading to my office in Causeway Bay.
while suddenly a weird feeling hit on me, my intuition tell me there's something happening behind me, I can feel someone/ something has keep the eye on me, actually the part of where I put my mini skirt on, Yeahh.. right there on my butt!!!
Curiously I've turning my head looking back, wanna know if there's really a stranger stare or I am just being paranoid, but the answer is I am not being paranoid.. I've notice there's a bald head..middle aged slanty eye, just few stair behind me and he was continuously looking upward at my skirt, it's not de-javu and I can tell he was like purposely keeping the distance so he will not lose focus at my mini skirt,
Obviously he was expected to see more than just a mini skirt..I think a cute butt in a cute thong will be perfectly bost his mood!!
Too bad I wasn't wearing a thong, not in a playful mood neither..
if I was in the mood I might just do a slight tease by swing my skirt slightly, shake my butt and flashing my lovely thong a bit!!! Tooo bad I wasn't in the mood anyway.. besides he got busted and go blushed!! !! he even had no dare to passing my seat.. what a big cowards!!!
If you wanted to see my pretty butt sooo bad then why have no dare to see my pretty face??!!!

Aaarrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....I hate COWARDS!!

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