Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Financially Crisis

I swears.. that actually I was looking for a boots.. I am definitely looking to buy a pair new boots, I mean I planning only check out the boots then will get only one pair.
That was I am planning about during shop around alone last friday evening after work and I've so naive thinking that I could be have my own ability to be in charge control my shopholic disorder!!
But who knows that my misson of " looking for a pair new boots " completely failled and I end up with three pair of these evil groovy stuff
I should to know and read the sign of the fate and facts.. I am destined to be a failure!!
however I couldn't wait to show them off by any chance !!

I had got a ton of girls comment me nicely, gosh..my feet looking extremely gorgeous in them but somehow it also made me sad, new shoes are always make me sad..but I couldn't be bother thought. even somtimes that it hurts soo much that I can even hear my own groans.. it much like an tearfully ugly hoarse groan... but some in a different situation the hoarse groan of mine always sound absolutely sexy.. I've been told that I've the most sexiest hoarse voice ever, folks got kind of turn on when they are talk to me..either on the phone or in person.
and it so funny that walking back-forward from work to home such a lovely moment, just to knowiing that I will only looking good in those groovy shoes.. it's hurts sometime but who cares?? I am stronger.. enough to get it through and somehow I do have heck turn on listening to my own hoarse groans.. and at midnight I sound like a howl.. a long howl when full moon especially after boozing madly, made my way to home.. a long howl, a very very..long spooky howl.. !!
High heels hell.. MAD!!

sometime, somehow.. when it came to realize that I haven't get a stuff that I was planning to get about and I still looking how to get it.. I mean I shouldn't thinking or acting lustful when it come about the finance matter.. look back at my bank statement today, it's not ugly but actually no pretty neither!! but if I still keeping behave like a shopholic bitch.. I could fucked up with no glory but absolutely nasty financial drama shits.. Arghhh sound fishy huh!!

and to prevent this nighmare ruins my settle down and grow old in Bali Island plans..I have to cut down boozing, sexing, partying, shopping, no glamour.. this migh sound like no live/ no fun/ bore.. unbelieveable thought patterns, how could she live a hell life like that!!!
Maybe I am getting old, maybe a day dreamer silly soul inside me no longer wanting behave like a silly soul no more..seemed it's like it want to be behave a little bit more wise, mature..
and Oh by the way I still will run my human life in a lively way and having fun nowadays more like in a clear - sober condition and thought it doesn't hurts either!! at least it will not hurts my saving.. Shhhh.. I save a bit, not a big deal anyway!! small potatoes like me not a big deal..

Lord knows..that I still have that urge wanting to get a pair of new boots badly..but I couldn't help, look like I have no choice, patiently waiting until the next coming up pay day and it will take no longer though.. still 2 weeks to go!! stay humble, staying sober.. staying out of any trouble maker!!
seriously gotta watch out my " I think I am a genius - so I fear nothing behaviour"

stay humble..humble..humble.. say wiser.. stay away from all ugly trouble maker!! sound like a spell huh!! Stay humble.. say wiser.!!!
does anyone here ever understand a wisdom sound like this "a genius just one line step to a insane ??"Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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