Saturday, October 14, 2006


Ho ho ho.. it's a Saturday again, waking up weather today bit hot but no sunshine. however it's hot enough to made me sweat and eventually smelly..body got sooo hot amd stinky, it's like it wanted to get naked and soaking in the bubble bath.. all the tiime :D
gosh.. get all naked all the day.. such a naughty body!! sooo hot that I've to repeatdly rubbing an ice cube on it.. Ha ha ha..

my Saturday off schedulle usually, like I'll sleep till late, wake up do all the thing that catchy my sigh and get into mind / brain but my feeling and willing always in the unpredictable state, it's keeping changing hundred thousand times in a every second, every minutes..that sometimes drove me mad in the chaos and mess.. after few hours gone I had done no shit expect take shower/ had food and drink happened very often.

but today is a different Saturday..
I am done almost all the house chores, I mean my own chores, tidy up my own territory and my favorite are laundry and ironing..
I love watching my hands drive the iron ..shuttle on my clothes, sometimes fast, sometimes slow..but the result always nice.. my clothes smooth and nice!! just like my skin.. smooth and nice.

and oohh.. it's a saturday night again, it had been long time I haven't got " Saturday night fever " no more since I working for present company..

Tonight it's a birthday party of one of my gay hangover mate called Edwin, the birthday party will throwing in the club in Lan Kwai Fong area..
my bad, actually he is not a gay, he is straigh.. and cute/ he is awesomely cute but amazingly shy, he had loads of cute little bitches hit on his shy ass,
I wonder why girls are always go crazy for a shy bloke like Edwin, those girls have to make a first move to get Mr. Shy boy attention. almost always all the times and you can tell that he can get erection quite straightly.
My bad..I assumed he is a gay because he never have urge to get into my pants. I wonder why!! but I do know why.. I really do!!

If I am not too tired.. lazy..exhausted, I migh sneak out for some boozes and dance, but I maybe will , maybe not just simply excuse me that I have to get my ass ready for work on Sunday morning and it's absolutely will going to be busy like fuck .. by the way have I ever mention that I am fucking do my job. even sometime I hate but I'll love it anyway!!

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