Thursday, October 12, 2006

Have You Ever Tried To Suck Your Own COCK?

Jesus.... the answer is YES!! 3120 ( 70.86% ) men are hail out as YES, they were soo attrached by their own cock but suck your own cock does sound a bit desperate though... like I've been desperately tried to lick my own nipple and I am failled..hence I know there's no way I could lick my own kitty!! so I never tried.. if my tongue couldn't reach the closest point ( my tits ) then.. I know there's no way I can reach my my tongue down way to the clit!!

below picture is The Legend Of 18 Inches Grand Cock
King Dong.

1283 ( 29.14 % ) of men are fill out the anwer as NO!!
I wonder.. why not???!! even Mr. Herring had curiously tried to suck his cock, even Ben had have give in his tongue reach on his cock.. :p sorry Ben!! * Ben saw the book lay on the computer table and later after dinner he ask me if I coudld let him peek at it
* that's funnier book..he said!! as soon as he read on this chapter and bitch out when he was a teenager, he had decided to go for self-cock-sucking.. ha ha ha.. hellarius!! he no longer able to to do that now..he hardly even scraching his butt and toes.. Ha ha ha!!!
OOpss.. Sorry Bro, I should shut up now!!!

and about 722 ( 19.16% ) men could give himself a blow job.. Fantasic!!
This is appeal that zise does really matter.. if you have a cock that are long enough that you are able to suck it by yourself.. so you will never have to lick your gf pussy in order to have her to return the favour.. you'll be happier working your wicked-skilled tongue on your own cock.. giving yourself blow job pleasure... Fantasic!!
and the rest of 3258 ( 80.84 % ) of them could not even reach the tip of their cock..bummer..bummer!! not even give it a flash lick..
The longer.. the better...either of cock or tongue and pratice on Yoga could do self-cock-suscking result much better!!!

Did You Spit Or Swallow??
Thumb for those 980 ( 59.54% ) men who is have no issues with their own semen and did swallow their own cum.. Bravo!!! you suck your cock and swallow your own cum too.. personally.. I'd tried my own juice!! and for the most honestly answer.. I like the taste, I really am :D and if I don't like my own stuff then why my guys should have to be??
at least I know.. they were taste just right... and there's no wonder why guys are always fond of my kitty.. yum..yummmy...yummmy..

666 ( 40.46% ) men who is fill out as Spit !!
shame on you!!!! I believe these men are always forcing their patner to swallow his cum off...and probably the taste of the semen probably taste awful enough choke their patner to death..Gosh!!!
these guy's semen might cause sperm poisoning..
if there's no such issue why coudln't be bother to give your own stuff a try anyway??
my advice.. consume more fruits and veggie, drink more water and cut down on cigarette and boozes, your semen could taste amazingly delicious .. my ex tried and it's taste lovely.. no gag/ no choke.. no puke..!! fantastic !!

above question are refer from " Talking Cock " following by my personal thoughts during reading and choking..

Thank's to Jon da dog.. this is worth to read!!

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