Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I am Might Not The Last Virgin On The Earth..

But I am definitely the last single in the family Phheww..
Phhweew.. three of my younger sisters are no longer single and available, they all are steady with their boyfriends..Pheeww.. there's no envy - jealous anyway..

Even my not soo ugly but not truly handsome big brother had have giving up his no glory 6 years single life and just married to his new girlfriend, just 2 week ago!! I am actually happy for either of them, my sister-in law absolutely a beauty, she should be a amazing wife thought.
everybody glad and happy, especially my dad!! I can tell by the picture that my younger sister sent in from Jakarta how excited my dad on the wedding blessing day, my dad is actually a little bit over excited picturing himself wide grinned at the wedding party, showing peace finger sign !!

Gosh..I can feel there's a huge pressure pressing on chest, Hel...lpppp I can hardly draw a single breathe, Ughhh.. and the situation even worse than ever now... mom and dad are going to give a ful attention point on me.. gulp!!
and there's loads of advice/preach goes into my little head.. Phhewww!!
isn't it mean/rude/evil by always saying a words like this " Ooh dear, you ain't going to be pretty and young in forever.. you are 29 going to be 30 soon!!

I was like.. Heck, what the devil these care/attention up to about?? Phewww!!
I've got a lot of sympathies and attention, althought I've always been into drama queen since at my three and I've always got to love the attention though.. you know, that kind of attention whore I was but somehow.. I can't stand up with those " wanna knows your story stuff" Phheewwww...

The more I phheeww.. the more folks likely to stick their nose on my single stuff, especially from those long lost pals. it's such lovely to meeting and chatting with them, however it does annoyed me in the ass having to answer those " how is your love life " question or " Why only date western, and don't be that goddamn picky ba! " advice God knows I had go on date Multinationality dates and those investigator seeking into my personal information was obviously drove me paranoid like why I have to put myself on such evil investigation sucking moment, Blah!! !!

And ohh.. by the way I had have my silly ass go on date pretty often currently. The food was great, the movies was good, the view, the moment, the holding hand was nice, the kissing was hot and the dates was amazingly cute but.. but.. but somehow I just don't see myself into a boyfriend girlfriend serious thing than just a casual meeting, you know, that kind of casual no emo meeting. built a boyfriend-girlfriend stuff could be a evil thing, and as for me it's such a huge pressure that drove me paranoid, like I hate to behave my silly ass, I hate have to be aware using tongue so it will not screw somebody feeling and I am easily get bore...that's horrible personality me and my guys have to dealing with!!

let alone my boozing issue!! my bad is I am become a totally a quirk-weird stuff after few gulp of boozes I'll starting talking craps and laugh goddman loudly and some guys found it's CUTE!! but it could be different case thought yet somehow it's annoying ex-bf to death.
my bad is I work a great companionship but I am a terrible girlfriend that tend up having fun with mates than run my boyfriend's errands , I am selfish that couldn't be bothering listening to the relationship need, nag and rules yet sometime I do fucking hate myself how I have turning to be such a selffish person!!

And oh come on.. what is soo wrong living as a single anyway?? I am kind of proud my singledom - freedom, although the only thing bothering me soo much is the sexual matter!!Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Geee...and sex toys ain't do any favour either Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting!!

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