Thursday, February 08, 2007


I am going to write a book!! and I am going to use this me belly sooo bloated picture as book cover....

I am quiet excited about the writting idea, but I had no idea what topic should I write about.
and ooh.. my grammar also suck!!
I wish that I born in a rich family...
I wish that I went to school..
I mean if I born in a rich family so my parents would able to afford me to school..
actually, my grandparents are rich folks. either side from mom or dad.. but too bad everything gone when I was 5 years old. My grandad passed away, aferwards thing never goes well, we started to sell the land and wasn't soo long my granny went all sick..I think she missed grandad soo much...she miss grandad till death. I think I've thinking my grandad all the time, it has been 24 years since that last time I saw his dead body before the men took his cold body then burried him far up to the hill way.
My grandad really a hero.. I always worship for his charms. but I still can't forgive him, I still blame him for he took the wealth with him to hell..
I am kind of hate him somehow when I was upset about too poor not being in the school..
I don't study hard to be good in the subject that I am fancy about. I never did though. I was " relax.. my brain need to learn relaxing and rest more, cause most of the time, my brain just couldn't stop thinking..
Like I have an amazing brain, it wasn't difficult for me to understanding my teacher's word and shits.
my brain is mad that I will remembered all the thing that I've see and read about.
I think that I could be a super genius but money always the issue huh!!!!
and I had a lot of deja vu happened to me lately..!!
thinking that I am going to insane soon.

it has been said " Genius just one step away to Insanity"

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