Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine is dumb

I am off today, not that I wanted to have holiday but it's wednesday, it's my casual off day!! and it's Valentine day already, I felt a bit uneasy been off today, folk on the street was act totaly pussy and phony!!
I rather poke my eyes out than celebrate this kind of phony shit!! and I don't feel happy to celebrate this V=day either!!
I rather for Vagina monologue day.
V stand for Vendeta
V stand for!
and ohh,, do you know why Vagina monologue is every on 14th Feb??! and do you know where in the state you could go for the vagina talk anyway? maybe know, you maybe not! never mind!!

and ohh.. look at the picture, my relationship with guys could be comparing to the below picture.

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no wonder the half dozen of the guys that I had fucked with .. are go to the heaven die!!
they were happily munching heaven pussy meat in the heaven in.
the rest of them are staying alive still. but I know most of them desperately wish they were dead for the reason there's not much pussy meat in the meat market stock!!
even it's difficult to get the dead pussy meat..

and only few of them are still kicking fucking alive they're all on the street trying to get some fucking fresh flesh to munch!! they were kind of open-minded person that up for anything that new!! COck meat also...Yummm!!
I love Cock.. who doesn't??

awwhh.. enough above shit..
let's back to the T-shirt matter!!

I'll be happy if someone tell me where can I get these cute top..
as I am gonna wear it to the office on weekend duty.

I love spending, spoiled myself, I got my ass working like a whore!! and I think I deserve a nice T-shirt!! like " I fuck everything I see!! wooooohoooos!!!.............
speaking about spending..
I wonder if you guys spending on this Valentine day!! it's none of my fucking business I know but still I wish that you tell me "No!! I don't, spend any goddamn dime celebrate this so called V-day!!"

I could never have a good memorize about the valentine thing, as my relationship used end up just one week before the stupid valentine day come. almost always.. this is repeatdly happened.

guys leash out at me, then I'll scream the hell out at them, following by guys dumped me.
guys always trying to pick up a fight starting just a week before valentine then broke me up just one day before the stupid valentine and as the new guys case, they don't feel right to be a generous one, no one willing dating me out on Valentine!
Mean while I was always a single, alone during the Valentine week. but it doesn't mean I feel sad. I am quite happy.. and I feel funny whenever I saw idiot couple up for valentine shit!!

I still think the reason that they broke me up because they don't want to spending a dough on this stupid valentine shit!
this is stupid breaking up, you know! I am not that kind of Valentine worshipper!!
I don't fancies flower, I don't fancies fabolous dinner, I don't fancies being a phony on the street.
I don't fake my affection then showing off on the hell of street.. I mean I don't give a fuck do the idiot thing on the street..

arrghhhhh...was I jealous?? or was I suppose to be happy seeing people couple up, holding each hand on the street, no I am not happy and I am not jealous either!!

I just feel soo funny.. and stupid!!

I wonder, what is the feeling like having an fucking expensive hell- crappy dinner!! it's stupid, when after dinner you guys crying over the thousand buck that you spend on the stupid dinner.

I wonder, how stupid it's look like walking down to the street with a bunch of fucking expensive stupid flower that already withered and that fucking shit cost 10% of your salary.

and what the fuck on the earth is that when all the couple will only holding each other hand only on this fucking stupid valentine day!! Hellll.... stupid!

I don't envy!! I really am, even thought I had no valentine bf every year!

and what I like about the valentine is there's chocolate every where...

my point of view is " Valentine is stupid and only dumbass will bothering to celebrate it! as myself I am no idiot.

Okay.. fine! I might be an idiot but I am not dumb, at least my boss didn't think that I am dumb even thought she is kind of found about me, for the reason that I am a super idiot but I work like a genius.. I speak idiot language at work, and she found it's cute!!

dumdass could lick my clict for the reason I am such an idiot but I fuck my task geniusly !!

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