Friday, April 06, 2007

The dream last night took my memories back in the borneo days

I had a bizzare dream last night,

The scene was set back to the old village in my hometown, the place that my mom gave birth to me, with all the palm and white sand beaches.
but since my granddad passed away like 24 years ago, I didn't get to the place very ofetn, the last time I was there I was 14 back to year of 1991 was my grandmom sick like heck, by 1992 I starting my life in HK and never had a chance to get back at her, I feel terrible bad that my grandmom has passed away on 1995 was the same year that I have my baby bump that I can't get back at her for the last good bye, thought she had called in and said how much she miss and love me.. My grandmom kind of lost her memories, she was extremely old in the amnesia way, it such amazing thay she remembered me and wanted to see me when she even can't remembered my dad, let alone the others. Damned I think I missed her!!

back about my dream again.
in my dream I was visiting my parents, and one of our relative ( I can't remembered who) just give birth to a baby, look like everybody such in happy mood celebrating for the new life.
It was fun, young folks playing with the new born on the beach.
in my dream.. I was stand on the beach and cheers at them.. it was when they drop the new born.. to sea. the wave came after by, they're tried to catch the new born but what they had in the hand only the baby's top.
baby drowning and gone.. we tried to dive in and but nothing!!!
Fucking NOooooooooo.............. I think I screaming in my sleep.

Later in the evening , I see myself swimming in the pool, and as I dive deeper in the pool, I found the baby stuck in the bottom pool, I dare to touch the head and it feel cold dead!!! I think I expect it skin fell off but it hasn't!!

I swim over and tell Simon what I've found in the bottom pool ( Simon is one of myspace friends)
this cute Aussie guy turn out as my BF in the dream, but we're do nothing about the BF and GF thing, I mean there's no intimate thing.. like he talk to me from his pool chair while I stay in the pool.
he told me to stay calm and we will get the baby later when I finish the swimming,,, he made me stay still in the pool and forced me to doing the water acreobic!!
I hishes at him " what a cold blood huh!!! you're damned preverted,,,but I do all the shit he told me anyway,,, he keep telling me to do the push up and give me his big thumb if I done properly.,.
after all the madness, he got in to the pool and pulled the baby out from the pool in the head, my eye's almost popping out that he such rough that baby's head nearly off.. everything is mushy!!!!
Baby pass back to the parents.. and they were cries like heck, and they were had my parents look alike..
especially the baby mother.. look absolutely copied of my mom!!!
and the baby looking exactly to my younger sister , Muri. She was all bald and chubby... at her baby days
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Muri, has her baby bump and gonna be a mother by early May this year. and I bough a pair of baby clothes during my mad woman shopping days, yesterday.
The dream sad like fuck.. I went all tears ....

waking up, back to the reality.... the dream bugging me like hell...
in my true life,, my younger sister really has had drowning in the lake near our house back in the Borneo.
like me and my big bro took her to playground, but suddenly she vanished from the sigh.. it was my big bro jumping in the lake and got that naughty girl stuck in the water.. we were 9, 7 and 1 and half years old...
Thank's Lord that she such a strong baby.. she become a mother soon!!

To see a dead baby in your dream, symbolizes the ending of something that is part of you.

To dream that you are dipping a baby in and out of water, signifies regression. You are regressing to a time where you had no worries and responsibilities.

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