Monday, April 30, 2007

Happy birthday Silly..................

7:30pm Off to dinner with Birthday girl in the Delaney's in Tsim Sha Tsui.

My deary girl " Anita" birthday again. This is the third birthday since I know her. Remembered the first time she wrote me email through back to three years ago.
It was funnny email and when I checking at her profile, I get super envy over her slim figure " Damn.. she looked damn good in that bikini !! Damned!!!

she wrote in amazing friendly.. lively and funny!! Acctually it was kind of flirtting.. and hot !!
We wrote to each other like for a month before we decided to hang out at Fong bar in LKF.
I remembered that I got all excited and hell nervous, as I though Anita sound like one of funny, funky..brainy lesbian. The intellectual kind. I used to have phantasies in my head, as the one is an Intellectual seduction either by man or woman.
I adore smart folks and most of the time I can't help the urges to get them wandering in my pant.. Intellectual folks rock in the bed!!!

The imagination about what if.. what if, what if.. what if she want me in the bed.. and what if I fancy the idea too!!
I messed up.. my brain.. the imagination keep playing in my head!!!

I was scared of myself..that I think, I might end up sleeping with her if she tease!! actually it's not her, it's me!! and Anita was that kind of smart type. and I keep thinking about what if she trying to pull me in the bed, how it would feel like sleeping with a girl like her..

I kind of freak out though, so I ask one of my girl friend to give me company as Anita totally different comparing to the local stupid- bitchy girls. she is no bitchy, no racist... it was fun that folks in her group just as cool as crazy as her!!!
We hit off to the dance floor.. we hit off every moment, whenever we were gathering in together either in a big group or just the two partie of us.. it always a big fun !!!
we share laughs and cries, we talks, we walks, we dance, we swear like a bitch!! sometime clever, sometime stupid..we pray for our cats and dogs.... we wish the best for each other!!

Gosh..hardly to believe if internet friendship could be like this...........

Happy birthday silly...!!

P.S many thank's to the handsome boss for taking care of the bills, You're appreciated..
I damn appreciated good bye kiss moment though..

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