Saturday, September 01, 2007

I am mature and kick ass, young men can you do me pussy and clit?

Fucking bloody Hellll...!!!!
My AFF account almost exploded with emails and stuff.
There are hundred thousand guys write in my AFF account. some of them are about 20-25 years. They wrote me, like wanted to do something with me badly... and called me" GIRL or BABY" it sound shitty to me. these young dudes sound like a fucking idiot.

it's annoyed me because the first is I am not a girl any more, I am not a KID, ain't that fucking BABY either.
I am a 30 years old woman, you can call my 12 years old as " baby " but not his mama.
However I am okay with that " baby.. baby.. thing if guys were the same age of me or older than me.

I hate guys who is younger than me called me GIRL/BABY.
You can call me ", bitch, ho, slut, or pussy and clit and I don't mind, I really am. I am a gemini, dirty talk somewhat turn me really on.
If fucking is the subject then you guys better call me " woman " sure I am going to ties your young body up on the bed, fuck your fucking young cock seriously death.

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