Monday, September 03, 2007

" Oh Lord I've had myself hurts enough this early morning.. it's totally nuts. I was thinking, I might soon die before noon.

August 30 0047. 7:00am.
My neck sore like hell, I've had my neck jerked pretty badly in my dream last night.
I must kind of nervous as I goggling at the clock, " Oh fucvking Sunday!!". Man I fujcking swear to God, that I fujking hate working on Sunday fujking bad.
I was sort of pissed, like I've got a huge cock fujcking up my head, fucjking headache!!! Everything hurts..that I rather stay in bed than get to work. but.. I get up anyway, Me need money to pay off my living. I am poor..$%#^%*& goddamnit!!!

I would like say thank's to those generous people who has keep ordering frozen margarita, gin-tonic, beers and stuff to my table. boozing last night left me looked sour and sick. and this morning I woke up like having dejavu.

It was 7:05 am, Thrusday morning. as I ran into bathroom like mad, had my shower done within 30 sec. almost falling off onto bathtub, Shit!!! that lousy bathtub slippery like heck. and it wasn't the end yet as my fingers jammed at toilet cover several time , leave them kind of fingers was sooo shakingly with pain that I can't hold a grip on at that goddamn tooth brush, let it slip overly deep down to my throat, God.. my throat was hurt like crazy. I puked like my guts out.
" Oh Lord I've had myself hurts enough this early morning.. it's totally nuts. I was thinking, I might soon die before noon.
I've managed get out the hell of that haunting bathroom and got myself back at my bedroom eventually.
I was naked, bath-towel covering my fat ass... my neck was sore like heck still, also my shoulder sore , I got burnt pretty bad from yesterday sun-baking while having orange juice on DB's beach. arrghh...
I standing there ass-naked front of mirror, looking mad at un-tanned ass. it was white and getting even huge than ever. Partying too much my ass grows fat. Arrghh............I've had drank way too much boozes and ate too much shit, stuffed myself like there's no tomorrow, lack of either sexercise or exersice, After all I should to know my ass definitely will ended up huge like this.
I hardly to find a clothes, Like there's none of them I could fit in. After strunggling for couple hours, I finally put on white sarong and brown top. I think I looked stunning as I glancing over the mirror, I was like " Ughhh.. not too bad!.
looked at my watch, I think I running really late. but it was when I realised it wasn't SUNDAY, It was actually THRUSDAY. Meaning I have to dress office smart. not this beach idiot thing. ARGGHHHH...............!!! The whole me SORE, my body and soul SORE as hell, like tears nearly bursting out streaming down on my chubby cheecks........... almost cry but I didn't, I trying to be strong. my pitty self starting mumbling " Someone fucking please help me!! I need comfort !!!"

PS. The bed sheet... I bought from Ikea.

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